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Little did we know about his private problems. You will? Copyright Office, Here are the Endless Summer tour dates she has announced so far Erlewine Stephen ThomasS. Cooper DuncanD.

Peter left the office a bit early in order to buy his wife a birthday present.

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He lied to you about the incident because he was afraid of you. You look as if you could do with a long holiday.

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Could you park your car behind the house, please so that there is will be more parking space for the other guests? We stopped at the motorway services so that Jane could buy some pills.

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I sent him a bit more money in case he had trouble finding a job. Indirect Questions 6. However 3. Do you happen to know 2. I will have 2.

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Adverbial Clauses: reason, result, purpose, concession, manner 1. I wonder 3. Propozycje odpowiedzi: I wonder if you could help me with my Geography project.

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Could you tell me if there are any trains to London in the morning? Excuse me, do you happen to know how I can get to the Odeon cinema?

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I wonder if I could leave class a bit early today. I wonder if I could come for the check-up some other time.

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Could you tell me if there are any particularly interesting places to see there? Question Tags 1. It was a spectacular display, 3.

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You are getting used to working here, 6. We will need to take on more staff soon, 7. They serve good fish here, 9.

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You were looking for me this morning, We really had a narrow escape, 5. You did?

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You will? There is? She is?

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It has? They were? He has? Nor Neither do 3. So are 5.

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So was 6. Nor Neither can Nor Neither have 4. Had I known earlier, I could have helped them. Not only can he do many sports well but he is also a clever student as well.

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Little did we know about his private problems. Only after seeing we saw the sales results were we able to understand the situation fully.

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Never have I heard a more such a foolish story! No sooner had I lain down on the sofa than there was a knock on the door.

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Under no circumstances must you open the door to strangers! Should you see Peter, will you inform me?

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By that point, Lana Del Rey had become the ideal she intended to be: a damaged torch singer designed as the tragic romantic icon for her age Her uncle taught her how to play guitar and soon she was writing songs and playing New York clubs, sometimes under the name Lizzy Grant.

While she attended Fordham University, she continued to play music and she started getting serious around In April of that year, a CD of originals was registered under her birth name with the U. Copyright Office and she recorded elsewhere, finishing up an unreleased folky album called Sirens under the name May Jailer. Crossley JonathanJ.

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The result? Born to Die has sold seven million copies worldwide Young KevinK. Lana Del Rey is an up-and-coming artist whose style in fashion and music has brought her to fame.

NY Mag, The Guardian Pitchfork, Cooper DuncanD. Today, Born to Die has sold over 7 million copies worldwide Taylor FrancesF.

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Peoples GlennG. Sales-wise, the album has moved 1.

Italian I. Polish B. Italian 5.

All-time most streamed female artists by women on Spotify, worldwide Lana Del Rey All-time most streamed female artists by women on Spotify in the U.