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This suggests that we might want to try skipping trades on crossovers below the moving average and resume trading on crossovers back above the moving average. Commentary Disclaimer: This should not be considered financial advice or a recommendation to trade or invest […] The post But we don't have to stop there.

The most interesting development is two new reports for Quantpedia Pro the Factor Cycle and Inter-Market Correlation reports that I will describe soon.

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But first, let's recapitulate Quantpedia Premium development. Nine new Quantpedia Premium strategies have been added to our database, Weekly Trend Tesla reported Q1 deliveries of K, a new record for the company.

Analyst expectations were for deliveries of only K for the period. Commentary Disclaimer: This should not be considered financial advice or a recommendation to trade or invest […] The post Notice that the plot for the number of contracts below the equity curve contains empty white  spaces. This is where the trades have been skipped due to the equity curve crossover rule.

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Compared to the results shown in Fig. Although skipping trades based on crossovers of a system's equity curve with its moving average is the most common method of trading the equity curve, it's not necessary to skip trades entirely. Above, I stated that I considered position sizing to be the foundation of good money management for futures trading.

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We can easily devise a method that combines equity curve crossovers with position sizing. Let's say, for example, that we want to use fixed fractional position sizing with the English Channel system.

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Fixed fractional position sizing is a refinement of the Kelly formula that Larry Williams cited in his victory in the World Cup Trading Championship [reference 1]. The key parameter in fixed fractional position sizing is the fixed fraction "f"which represents the fraction of account equity risked on each trade. Consider the following equity curve crossover method. Instead of skipping trades on crossovers of the equity curve with its moving average, we adjust the fixed fraction Simple Futures System Trading a certain amount on crossovers of the equity curve.

For example, if the equity curve crosses above the moving average, we might increase f from 0.

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When the Simple Futures System Trading curve crosses back below its moving average, we could decrease it to 0. Alternatively, we could increase the fixed fraction on crossovers below the moving average and decrease it or just return it to baseline on crossovers back above the moving average.

As above, the method that's likely to work best depends on whether the trading system tends to have prolonged streaks of wins and losses or tends to be mean-reverting. Making this change alone results in a doubling of the net profit with no increase in worst-case percentage drawdown, as shown in Fig. The result is shown in Fig. The profit factor has also gone up slightly from 1. Equity curve for English Channel system on the mini Russell with fixed fractional position sizing and an equity curve crossover rule.

I've found that in many cases this more subtle method of varying the position sizing rather than skipping trades altogether is a better method of trading the equity curve.

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I suspect the reason for this is that no equity curve crossover method is perfect. If you skip trades, for example, you'll be skipping losing trades in some cases but skipping winners at other times.

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By changing the position sizing relative to baseline on equity curve crossovers, we're hedging our bets somewhat. We still take each trade -- even if at a reduced level -- so even if the crossover rule gets it wrong, we're still participating in a winning trade. There are other possible ways to trade the equity curve.

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In fact, Joe Krutsinger developed a method based on the slope of the day moving average of a system's equity curve [reference 2]. I've focused on methods involving moving average crossovers because most traders are familiar with moving averages and such methods tend to be broadly applicable.

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By design, equity curve trading techniques rely on the historical sequence of trades. This implies that you should use a fairly long sequence of trades when evaluating such methods. Otherwise, you might be relying on a statistical fluke in the trade sequence.

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Not all trading systems or methods will be amenable to equity curve trading techniques, but if you have a system that is, the results may be well worth the effort.

Notes: 1. All analyses were performed using Market System Analyzer. To request more information about Joe Krutsinger's English Channel day trading system for the mini Russellplease contact [link not available].

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