Warszawa Swojak Sp. Mława Grupa Partner Sp. Pak-China has strengthened their diplomatic relations, military, cultural and economic relations in the past many decades. Nieporęt Advanced Business Solutions Sp. This production facility has the capacity to produce over 1 million pieces of household appliances per annum.

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Warszawa Rondo MM Sp. Warszawa Clever Logistic Sp. Warszawa Urlopy. Płock Hela — Prima Sp. The rankings show that customers around the world appreciate our Systemair Trading LLC., and increasingly chose Haier over other brands.

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The Haier brand is on the path of becoming a true global brand, recognized for its innovation, quality and value. The production plant spreads over a vast area of 63 acres with a covered area of 0. This production facility has the capacity to produce over 1 million pieces of household appliances per annum.

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Haier Pakistan is operating in the Pakistani market with a commitment to help its consumers reap the benefits of modern lifestyle and unmatched nationwide customer support. Haier believes that the essence of globalization is localization.

Łukasz Krajewski brylantpolskiejgospodarkiInstytutEuropejskiegoBiznesuprestiżowytytułwyróżnijsięzdobyćszacunekzwiększwiarygodność Spośród 51 tysięcy polskich przedsiębiorstw, których wyniki finansowe w lutym r. Instytutu Europejskiego Biznesu, utworzony 12 grudnia r. Przez jedenaście lat dokładnie przeanalizował wyniki finansowe 80 tysięcy przedsiębiorstw i kilkuset banków działających w Polsce. W rankingu poniżej są wyliczenia Instytutu Europejskiego Biznesu na podstawie informacji podanych przez wywiadownie handlowe. Instytutu Europejskiego Biznesu policzył wartość rynkową firm Systemair Trading LLC. koniec marca przez porównanie ich wyników do wycen spółek akcyjnych notowanych na Giełdzie Papierów Wartościowych w Warszawie.

Haier aims to use local financing and employees to become a part of the local community while creating a global brand. Hu Jintao appreciated the role of Haier Pakistan in the development of the country.

Since both countries have established diplomatic ties inthey are enjoying beneficial relationship with each other. Pak-China has strengthened their diplomatic relations, military, cultural and economic relations in the past many decades. Pak-China has also established the trade relations to be recognized in the world and to boost up to global economy. Euro monitor International; the world's leading independent provider of business intelligence on industries, countries and consumers, has ranked Haier No.

As a part of developing the cultural ties between both the countries; Haier Pakistan has also given the opportunity to its customers, sales partners and staff to go to the China to see the Beijing Olympic Games in which proved to be a great motivation for all of them and they paid hearties thanks to Haier for proving that it is a global brand that always works on developing the ties between both the countries in terms of social, economical and technological grounds.

Haier AC is on number 1 position in Pakistan and Washing Machine is on number 2 while Haier Refrigerators are also ranked among the top three brands in Pakistan; which is a big achievement in a very short span. Haier Pakistan is getting very positive response from the market and dealers and distributors are very happy with Haier Products Systemair Trading LLC. they are receiving huge demand from the end customers. Haier has the capacity to produce 3, units of all product categories in Pakistan.

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Products portfolio of HPK have been rapidly expanded from the original refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines to Deep freezers, commercial air conditioners, televisions, LCD TVs, LED TVs, microwave ovens, and other 10 series even over models including the entire category of domestic appliances that deals in irons, toasters, sandwich makers, DVD players etc.

HPK's employees have also put in their best efforts by contributing a reasonable amount from their salaries.

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Similarly, during the earthquake in Pakistan in the year the Haier team had visited the affected areas to take active part in the relief operations, and played a major role in supporting the people in those areas. The humanitarian role of Haier Pakistan was also recognized and appreciated by the government of Pakistan during the time, and it received Sitara-Esaar award for the relief efforts it rendered.

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In a similar situation, when China suffered a massive earthquake in the yearHaier Pakistan also donated a handsome amount to support the Chinese government in their relief operation. Haier Pakistan runs a social welfare society of its own by the name of EHSAAS that keeps on doing a lot of humanitarian and philanthropic activities in various hospitals and other places of need to help deserving people.

In short, Haier believes in the philosophy of spreading happiness among everyone through continuous efforts, towards making the world a better place to live in.

Haier will always fight for being a socially responsible brand that always recognizes and respects the realities and circumstances of its customers and responds to these Systemair Trading LLC. rewarding them with inspiring solutions they can always rely on.

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